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Feb 18, 2021

"She said- I'm going to see all these weirdos." "She was still right."

This week, Daniel sits down with Bizarre Magician, owner of Blind Eye Magi, and author of the new book on Bizarre Magic "Musings of a Magi", John Gilmore. 

They talk past influences, struggles with creating so much material, the long path to...

Feb 11, 2021

"Magicians have to get past the anger and denial Kübler-Ross stages and get to acceptance."
This week, Daniel sits down one on one with two-time Penn & Teller Fool Us Performer (And Official Fooler), writer, creator, star of The Sorcerer's Lair, and awesome Magician David Parr. They talk Online shows, being on...

Feb 3, 2021

This week, Daniel sits down one-on-one with creator of the hit Virtual show "Sortilegios", Magician Christian Cagigal. They talk growing up theatre geeks, the dance of Magic on social media, adding your own story to your Magic, the Politics of being Political, and so much more. This was a great chat with a...