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May 3, 2020

This episode is an amalgam of strangeness and awesomeness. We start off the episode with Vanessa (@BellaGreenWolf), Ken (@Atlaswriter), and  Daniel (@DanielGreenWolf) talking about life in the time of Covid. It includes watching a lot of Dexter, breaking into abandoned buildings, doing online shows, and shifting goals during these strange times.

Then we get to have a half-hour chat between Daniel and Magician Dan Sperry. Known as the Anti-Conjuror, he starred in The Illusionists,  America’s Got Talent, Germany’s Das SuperTalent, FOX’s World Magic Awards, TLC’s Cake Boss, Masters of Illusion and so much more. They talk makeup, music, depression, getting through performer struggles and other things that make for a good time.

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